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Holistic Website Planning

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Holistic Website Planning

Plan and launch a successful website

This book covers all you need to know to plan and launch a successful website, using a method called Go the Distance™ so it will become one of your company's best performing assets.

Available Formats: Paperback, Kindle

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Put your website at the centre of your digital transformation

Your website can be much more than simply a marketing tool. With the right planning you can build a website fit for purpose with greater longevity resulting in a more cost effective and sustainable approach that benefits your whole organisation.

This book will teach you

  • How to write a website brief and what it needs to include before you start a website project.
  • Where your budget will be spent and what to consider when deciding on your investment.
  • Each element of my unique website planning method called Going the Distance™.
  • Why your digital strategy needs to be broken down into manageable and measurable tactics.
  • Why an approach of continual development is more cost effective than periodic rebuilds.
  • The importance of the human experience beyond the technology behind your website.
  • That design covers every aspect of your website and not just the visual appearance.
  • How to choose and work with an agency partner, freelancer or internal team.

“One of the things I love about this book is its not a lead magnet! I really compliment you for writing a standalone book that offers genuine value rather than selling this, buy that from page 5.”

Robert Craven

Robert Craven
Digital agency expert, author and business growth consultant


“Very much enjoyed this book, from the tactile cover, Andrew talks sense, written in an easy to understand, yet very knowledgable format - spot on!”

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About the author

Andrew Armitage is the founder and owner of multi-award winning digital agency A Digital. He's also the host of the Clientside Podcast, a bi-weekly discussion featuring guests covering a variety of digital marketing topics.

Andrew has spoken at international conferences and is an advocate for supporting digital skills among young people entering their careers.

The First Copies have Arrived!

The first paperback copies of Holistic Website Planning have arrived! Andrew Armitage opens the box on his first book and introduces the Go the Distance™ process and a forthcoming launch offer on Amazon Kindle.

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